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The Hungers Warriors 2018 "I declare that I am a fool, one who simply listens to no one but his desires and instincts. I want to tell a story about a man. But I will only tell you that I am a fool, one who doubts, who questions, one who seeks, something to believe in, and that only if he continues to try, seek and listen to his desires, perhaps one day will help overthrow the empire.     

                                                                 Felipe Fizkal



A contemporary dance ritual that presents and represents the transformation of a human group according to its capacity to desire, materializing in a physical body in movement that travels through different passages in which the choreographic context is moderated by a chaos of language and a concrete spatial division, using the abstract creativity of the director, where the human capacity to travel through different tonalities in the movement is put to the test, using clichés and basic concepts for the division of the scenes of the piece. It begins with the recognition of the territory where we were born, a colonized territory, a context in repression and exploitation, South American culture, a colony living tests and limits established by imperialism, and its concrete intentions to extract wealth from the land and human capital. A small group of resistance, the search (where I am, where I want to be), the battle (that repression and mistreatment from social policy towards your most basic rights of personal development), sensuality (abstracting this aspect as one of survival), calm (this space that seeks, one as safe as the uterus of a mother).

The piece was made in 2018 in Santiago of Chile, with a team of 11 Dancer, everyone was a professional contemporary dancer with diferent backgrounds, te was composed also for a musician and a register video maker and also we has a collaboration on the costumes from the reconiced Fashion designer, Matias Hernan

we counted also with a season in the Festival os fance from the social work association of dancer from chile in the Vitrina Space. 

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