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I consider that as a dance artist I have a political role, which I am attentive in my professional decisions and above all; in my contemporary dance pieces. I seek to interact with multidisciplinary teams and especially with people that have values related with: social justice, hard work, Gender ideologie, and equality.


Furthermore, I have worked for many years as an independent artist, producing and financing in various ways all my choreographic projects, thus, I was able to find new possibilities to understand that art is not a business. At the same time, I am inspired by what I see, what is empirical, what happens around me. My piece ‘AIRUYAI’ is based on my experience as HIV positive. The starting point of the piece ‘Las locas Lucidas’ is the violence that I have seen towards my sisters and mother due to the fact of just being born women in my country. The piece ‘Los Guerreros del Hambre’ comes from the hunger that I recognize in myself and in my colleagues, the same hunger that wants to change our reality, to seek new horizons, to give some examples. I am very interested in dance language and its use, with its technical and performative complexities, the relationship between reality and fiction within the dance piece and its performativity.


Further, I’m interested in the politics of dance and how the choreographic encounter can be a ritual. I argue that a choreographic material, no matter how beautiful, has no reason to be seen by an audience; the stimulation of the senses as a hobby or simply a call to admiration is similar to advertising. On the other hand, if its political role calls for an expansion of awareness or makes visible a social reality as a way of denouncement (or simply to be observed) can of course be entertaining and stimulating. In this way, it calls for an awareness that is attentive to the reality that we have built as a contemporary society and wonders how we can keep building it.


This is how communication comes in, I have the intention to call the audience to think about ideas, questions and demands that have to do with what happens in different places of the planet; where rivers dry up and people suffer from hunger, thirst and illness, as exchange for the privilege of a few. Dance without a political role and with no real idea of community, does not have any sense or reason to exist, other than that be a hobby after working in the office



Current Research piece

Berlin 2022 -23


The Hunger´s Warrios

how we make desires reality

Santiago - Chile 2018


The crazy lucid ones

Gender violence in urban spaces against women in Chile 

Chile - Santiago 2016



That is what we feel about non stopping motions

Santiago - Chile 2015


Would my mom know?

The precarity of the homosexual in the local territory

Santiago - Chile 2012


Point of not return

Collaboration in Tanz den Widerstand Collective

Berlin 2021



We are all looking for the end

Santiago Chile 2016-17



How can we be together again?

Santiago - Chile 2015


Delusions of a survivor

Reminding sexual abusion

Santiago - Chile 2013


The useless ones

Solo Project

Berlin 2020-21



Biopolitic in the body of HIV+

Santiago - Chile 2016


Space of resistance

There is still places where social justice in art happen

Santiago - Chile 2015


To make the bitches bark

Sexual local history

Santiago - Chile 2013

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