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Solo dance research 2022 - 23

Work in progress at Hosek Contemporary Berlin, 25 26 July

OFFNUNG is the creation of a methodology and I have chosen Expressionism as a general reference for its development, which seeks to represent the essence of the contemporary individual. Therefore, it rejects the mere representation of appearances. It cultivates dramatism, subjectivity, and the expression of feelings and Surrealism, which affirms that thought in conscious reality is conditioned by reason, culture, and economic class, while in the unconscious it manifests itself freely. Öffnung practically combines two currents, allowing physicality and creativity to emerge from the improvisation and the instant composition of contemporary dance where the accumulation and documentation of creative material, under the premise of allowing myself to be as open as possible to not stop the emergence of images. At the same time I am interested in relating to the local scene, therefore I will interview seven choreographers and seven dancers based in Berlin, to talk about their creative needs and how these lead to the planning of a creative process, and how far they allow themselves to travel outside their editorial boundaries in the creative process. Then I will collect various motifs for the practice of improvisation, such as photographic images, concepts, memories, landscapes, cartoons, films, Instagram posts, advertising, old and eventually new, texts, etc. Through the video graphics recording of the practices, I will recognize patterns and principles of movement that connect me to other concrete images and symbols of contemporary culture to further exploit these surrealistic mechanics and reinforce the composition from an expressionistic point of view.

Todos los videos

Todos los videos

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