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The end of the world is approaching, the ideas and inventions created by mankind have become tainted, taking the self-proclaimed “civilized” societies to a state of creative and reflexive stagnation. The human being is held prisoner by ideas inserted by commerce and its power through education. But the passionate spirit of mankind rebels against it and deprograms it until leaving it in an endless sleep and transforming it into nothing. At the same time, this piece of dance transforms itself into a symbolic radiography of how capital affects modern life in the West, especially in Latin America. We address topics such as gender violence, the deterioration of health as a consequence of excessive contamination in the metropolis, the struggle of power between men and the image, the mechanization of the body of performing artists, to eventually use the word as a tool that permits a direct communication with the spectator, to situate him in an even clearer context, where we prepare a fiction of the end of the world, exposing the end of mankind and its ideas, to play a new and unexpected world. It was two years of research into the studio and performing, at the same time we were developing an internal society where the whole team was finding its own way to be.

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