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Felipe Fizkal

I was born in Puerto Montt Chile in 1990, a city in the south of the country, where the interest for movement started from the party and night life of a teenager's weekend, between reggaeton, cumbia and techno, contemporary dance appeared. In 2006 I entered the institution balmaceda arte joven, where I got to know afro dance, contemporary dance and ballroom dancing, as well as participating in the folkloric group Archipielago in 2008, and in jazz dance groups. 

In 2014 I finished my studies in Arts and Dance at the University of Chile, in the city of Santiago. Parallel to my studies I founded several independent creative initiatives such as "Creativo Beso Negro" in 2011, directing creative processes for contemporary dance and performance pieces such as "Corvus Corax" 2011, "Y mi mamá sabrá" 2012, "Para que las perras ladren" 2013, "Delirios d eun sobreviviente" 2014. In 2015 he founded "Creativo Colectivo" with the piece "Redimir". At the same time he confirmed "Felipe Fizkal Project" and developed several dance pieces such as "Unstoppable" 2015, "Espacio de resistencia" 2015, "Las locas lúcidas" 2016, "Airuyai" 2016, "Extincion" 2016-17 and "Los guerreros del hambre" 2018.

From 2010 to 2017 in chile I worked as a dancer for several national and international directors such as Joel Insunza, Andres Cardenas, Jose Vidal, Ana Carvajal, Alena Arce, Mauro Barahona (barcelona), Abigail Nuñez (Mexico). In addition to being Professor of contemporary dance in various courses and workshops in "Espacio arte Nimiku", "Balmaceda Arte joven" Puerto Montt and Santiago, in addition to assisting teachers of the Bachelor of Arts and dance at the University of Chile as, Poly Rodriguez, Luis Corvalan, Ana Manriquez, Daniela Maureira and the teacher Francisca Morand. 

In 2017 I travel to Bologna Italy to continue my studies at the "Art Factory" in its training program for professionals 2017-18 season, that same year I am part of several research and creation projects in the city of Zurich Switzerland, "Manifestation of fear" by Sabina Aeschlimann, "Zero Protokol" by Benjamin Burger (Berlin) 2018, "STRANDZHA" by Sasha Davydova.  Zurich 2018.

In 2018 I decided to migrate to Berlin Germany, where I started my way as a Latin American immigrant in Germany and developed myself as a performer and also as a teacher of contemporary dance. 
In 2020 I founded Tanz den Widerstand, a collective of dancers for sexual dissidences and immigrants, developing the piece "Point of not Return" in collaboration with the space "refo Moabit" berlin organized by the collective Pio.Near. As a teacher I have taught classes for professionals at Tanzfabrik, Maramao and Urban Raum Berlin.  I worked as a performer in "Sunson" - Kenan Dinkelmann 2018, "Networking" - Animi Motus 2021, "The shape of a dream" - Sasa Queliz 2021-22 - "Träumerei des Verswinden" - Lina Gomez " 2022, "Kreizen" Lily Poehlmann 2022, "Klänge der Lausitz" - Golde Grunske 2022, and soon "Execution in Prison" Babak Rahmed 2023 and "Heimat im Hier und Jetzt" Golde Grunske 2023.

Preparing myself to start MAC master studium in coreography at HZT berlin in colaboration with Ernst Busch Hoschule fur dartelle kunst Berlin. 

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