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The Contemporary dance as a human way to grow

I gather elements from different dance practices, traveling through improvisation, the use of release, the Bartenieff anatomical study, and elements from the martial arts, as well as maintaining a strong connection with the creative ones due to my experience in contemporary dance direction. I am a proactive teacher, pushing students to recognize their limits but also holding them back from creating a safe environment free of any violence

The Practice

My class is a practice based on strengthening the recognition of our biomechanical/technical and muscular possibilities through movement exercises that push our stamina and appropriation of movement sequences, from a strong flow work to then access a high level through the flow of the class and strengthen our interpretative capacity.

The practice begins by strengthening the simultaneous, consecutive, and sequential coordination of our skeleton through exercises that seek fluidity and isolation of specific sections of our physicality on the floor. We exercise our musculoskeletal proprioception and consequently our dynamic alignment. Dynamically, there are guided improvisation
exercises that are also guided by the technical and the increase of our possibilities of movement.

Finally, we encounter movement phrases that strengthen our ability to appropriate the choreographic material of another and to practice our understanding of interpretation, memory, and the psychomotor intelligence of the dance professional.

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