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In the year 2018, two professional freelance Artists from Chile, came to Berlin on the intention to find new and better opportunities to develop their own artistic view on Dance and performance.

Pamela Moraga and Felipe Fizkal, who have already worked together in Chile producing dance pieces, started the remake of a Dance piece "Un salto de Fe" premiered in Santiago, winter of 2017, which later was renamed "To take the leap" and premiered on November 2019 in Berlin with collaboration from other artists of the Berlin independent scene.

With this project as start up and as a milestone for nexts projects, Kailin Badal joined the team helping to develop an artistic view and therefore consolidating the ground bases for this highly motivated latinamerican art collective.

The idea of "Tanz den Widerstand", which translated to english means "To dance the resistance", speak directly to our desire and inspiration to create art by being immigrants, and also to be able to integrate and contribute from our identity to the Berlin's dance scene.

We want to resist the idea of conforming to the standards of the society, by putting in stage reflections, esthetics and bodies in motion through a critical point of view. And now with Roc lilith our new colleague, new pieces and workshops are comming from us. 

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