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The useless ones

BERLIN 2020/2021

This piece is a reflection on various social characters present in our contemporary culture, taking as a reference the influencers, the ravers, the transformers, the dancers, the fitness guys, graphing in a choreographic way the lack of purpose of the existence of many in our times, understanding that this lack of purpose is due to the lack of interest in contributing to the development of communities and culture at a local level, establishing individual exitism as a flag of struggle, which makes these men and women useless. 

The Useless ones first version


We got our first residency become in the new cool dance studio at Charlonttenburg Berlin "POP UP DANCE STUDIO". in this time  "the Useless ones"  becomes in a group piece, integrating at the research two great Chilean dancers based in berlin, Pamela Moraga and Kailin Badal, in this way we started to go deeper in the research from performative situationes and improvisation to understend diferent conextion between this social caracteres

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