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Körper im widerstand

 2023 - 2024 - 2025

Körper im Widerstand / ein blick ohne zukunft


The development of the body in movement and its expressive capacity has exploded my imagination, making the concept of bodies in resistance a professional necessity, our strong sense of empathy and interest in multiculturalism in the development of discourse in contemporary dance and performance is something we are collectively passionate about.


Bodies in Resistance seeks to generate a further reflection around conversations about social justice and human rights by observing the beauty and particularity of bodies and mobilizations in resistance, which are multiple and diverse but on this occasion, we will work on the bodies that resist in the exodus of "illegal" immigration that leaves their territories due to natural disasters (global warming), wars and dictatorial regimes, bodies that resist long journeys on foot and that today camp entrenched, occupying vacant land in European, American and Chilean border territories.


The purpose of this project is to answer how we can,

through academic

and practical research, find mechanisms of translation towards

the development of a choreographic  language  that  transmits

from our  collectivity  and  sensibility, what  these  bodies  live

how these  bodies  resist  thousands  of  kilometers of walking

dehydration,  temperature  changes,  lack  of  food  to  end up

camping in front  of  high  fences,  walls,  and  ditches in front

of the borders. Who  are  they, where  do they come from and

what has brought them here?

We  will  use  photographic  and  audiovisual  records of news,

refugee testimonies,  improvisation, and  instant  composition

open  essays,  and  reading   material   as   a   research   and

practice methodology to develop  and  reflect  on our  project.

we have had great opportunities to develop this research, we developed a first solo research, mounting the solo in process "resistance present" where we collaborated with Andrea Valenti in the interpretation and creation, participating in the "agains to the grain" a small festival that tries to put in value the work of social characters isolated or overdiscriminated, where we tried to interpret a little this premise, since it was not possible at all. 

In a second instance, we participated in the residency program "DIR" Brandenburg, Dance in Residency, where we continued to deepen the image and interpretation that we can create choreographically of the development of the resistance of migrant and exodus bodies.  The team this time consisted of the work of colleagues Liam Wustrack and Emmanouela Dolianiti. 

This July 2nd we started a new process of research and deepening, with the support of a new residency supported by the Tanz Weit Drausse network, a strong dance hip that seeks to support the decentralization of choreographic production. We are very happy to be able to travel to Hamburg and continue our research in the K3 studios. The team of collaborators grew even more with the integration of Marcel Casablanca. 

We will share more details and images soon ...

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